Wednesday, August 29, 2012

De-Mystifying Laundry

As I have been at school for almost a week now, it was time to do laundry yesterday! I think Tuesday is going to become my laundry day.

Every building on the Quad has a laundry room in the basement, so it's pretty convenient when it comes time.  Only one out of the three staircases goes to the laundry room. In Joyce Hall, my building, the laundry room can be accessed using the South wing's staircase (on the boy's side of the building). 

The laundry room has seven washer machines and eight dryers, so there are plenty of machines for everyone to use. Everything seemed pretty clean and bright down there. Here's my little tutorial on how to do laundry: 

Some of the washer machines
1. Put your clothing in the washer machine. If you're using liquid laundry detergent, there is a black cover over where you pour it. Flip that up, and pour it into the spot that says 'DETERGENT'. If you're using something like a Tide pod or Purex 3-in-1 sheet (my fave!), just toss it into the machine with your clothing. Make sure you take note of which machine you are using, they're all numbered.

The card swipe machine just inside the door way
2. Go over to the card swipe machine by the door. Swipe your Knightcard, making sure the magnetic strip of the card is facing the right direction! It costs $1.25 per machine, so, in total, washing and drying one load of laundry costs $2.50. Next, punch in the number of the machine you're using. Then, hit 'START' which is the button in the bottom left corner. Now, it will get ready to wash your clothes, but you are not done. Go back to your machine and select what type of clothing you have in there (Colors, Bright Colors, Woolens, etc). I just picked Colors because it was a load of normal clothing. Now, it should start. A wash cycle takes 38 minutes. The machines won't beep or anything to let you know that it has finished so you just have to keep an eye out. 

What I did while I waited: homework...

The dryers

3. When it's time to transfer your clothes to the dryer, the process is pretty much the same. Carry your clothes from the washer to the dryer. Toss in a dryer sheet if you are using them, then make sure that the lint tray is empty. If it's not, carry it over to the trash barrel and take off the lint film before putting it back. Go back to the card swipe machine, swipe your card, hit the number of the dryer, and then hit 'START' again. You have to return to the dryer to pick which setting you want. Again, I chose Colors, and the dryer starts. A dryer cycle takes 60 minutes. When the hour is up, you'll have clean clothes! 

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