Monday, September 3, 2012

First Year Apple Picking!!

Time is flying! I cannot believe I have already started my second week of school. This weekend was a blast... there were so many events going on. On Friday night, I tie-dyed, ate s'mores, and went to an improv comedy show on campus.  Then Saturday, it was time for First Year Apple Picking! 

All of the upper classmen that I have talked to have encourage me to go, so when MOVE (Mobilizaiton of Volunteer Efforts) put up the sign up sheet in Alliot, I signed up! It was a beautiful, Fall day out.

Some 3rd floor Joyce girls :)
 A ton of First Years went apple picking... we filled up three whole busses! We went to an apple orchard in South Hero, which is about half an hour away from school. The ride gave us an opportunity to talk to new people. I had a great conversation with a girl from my floor who I had never really gotten to talk to before.

Beautiful, ripe apples

We were picking the apples for charity, but while we were in the orchard, we got to eat a few for ourselves. They were VERY good! Everyone paired up and each pair got a bag to fill. They can get pretty heavy! I had a great time walking through the apple field, spending time with some floormates, meeting the MOVE leaders, and picking apples.

Making progress in filling the bags!

Being silly

Just SOME of the apples we donated
We picked a lot of apples, which was great since they were going to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf in Burlington.After we were done picking apples and loading them on the bus, we drove to the Food Shelf to drop off the apples and take a tour.  Last year, they donated about 2200 pounds of apples to the Food Shelf, over a literal TON. It seems like so many apples, but when we toured the food shelf, they said it would only last about two days. We learned a lot about the hunger in Vermont. The people at the Food Shelf showed us where they store all the food and their kitchen where they cook meals.

We donated the apples to the Chittenden Emergency Food shelf
I had a great time on Saturday. It really is great that the school sets us up with so many events to get to know each other and do fun things in the process. I will update again soon!!

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