Sunday, September 30, 2012

Church Street and Thrifting

So, I had a long week... apparently, we are one third of the way through the semester! When did that happen?! Anyways, I had two papers and two exams this week. I tried really hard to manage my time and I think I did well on all of them, but by the time Friday rolled around, I was ready for a little fun!

After classes were over for us, my friend Colleen and I decided to head into Burlington to do a little thrift shopping and grab lunch on Church Street, a street that has a bunch of little shops and restaurants on it. We headed to the bus stop on campus and caught the 11:43 bus. It's free to take the bus, our student IDs work as bus passes. It only takes about twenty minutes to get there, and it's the last stop on the bus route so it's hard to miss.

Downtown Threads was having a "bag sale"
There was a thrift store on Church Street that was having a "bag sale", which means they hand you a plastic bag and you can fit as much as you can into it. It costs $10. It took a little work because all the clothes were in bins we had to sort through but it was so worth it. There were all sorts of things, like purses, hats, belts, shoes, and a few bins of clothing to dig through
Behind Colleen, you can see the piles of clothes we looked through.

Thrifting is a lot of fun and a great way to get new clothes without spending a lot. For $10, I got three dresses, a scarf, a hat, and a pocketbook. I am not sure exactly what Colleen got, but I know she got a few vests and a romper. We definitely got our moneys worth!

After we were done thrifting, we went to Panera, which was only a few shops over. There are so many great options to eat at on Church Street, my two other favorites are The Skinny Pancake food cart and The Red Onion Cafe.  But Colleen had never been to Panera before, so that was where we had to go for lunch!
Lunch at Panera!

It was nice to get off campus for a few hours after a long, busy week! We got back to campus around 2:30, which left me plenty of time to go get ready for the Mass for the Feast of Saint Michael, which the Liturgical Choir was signing.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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