Thursday, September 13, 2012

SMC Film Series

Tonight, since all of my homework was done really early (6pm! Wooo!), I decided to take advantage of one of the great events happening on campus: The SMC Film Series.

The SMC Film Series shows a different movie every Thursday night at 8pm in Cheray 101, (the largest classroom on campus). They have picked a lot of great movies for this fall. The three themes are the American Dream, Violence and moral quandaries, and Epic Struggles. They will be showing movies like Good Will Hunting, Vertigo, and Pan's Labyrinth. The cool part about these movies is that there is a short introduction from a professor in a related department.

Tonight's film was Rushmore, an indie film about a really eccentric teenager. I am not sure how to really describe it without spoiling everything, so here is the trailer:

Tim Mackin, a professor from the English department and the head of the Writing Center, gave the introduction. He talked about the qualities of the movie he enjoyed, and that gave me a lot to think about during the movie. I really enjoyed it; it was funny and poignant. I really recommend it if you're looking for something that is humorous and intelligent that will make you feel nostalgic.

They had free popcorn and soda, and it was a really great way to take a quick break as the week is winding to a close. Two girls from my floor and I went and we all had a great time! I can't wait to go back next week.

If you would like to learn more about the SMC Film Series, they have a facebook page here!

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