Monday, September 24, 2012

Alliot "Hacks"

So now that I have been here for a month (yes! a whole MONTH! How crazy is that?) I have a pretty good handle on my routine. I do my laundry on Monday, clean my room on Fridays, and of course, eat at Alliot three times a day.

The food at Alliot is pretty good. I can always find something to eat. They have a lot of stations: usually a salad, sandwich bar, a wrap of the day, entree, the grill where they make cheeseburgers and grilled cheese, pizza, and the stir-fry station. There are always lots of specials as well as things that are offered all the time. If you're interested to see what's being served for lunch this week, the menu is here.

As good as the food is, sometimes you just have to get creative to get what you want. It's totally cool to get food from different stations. Over the past few weeks I have eaten and observed people making the following Alliot "Hacks":

Root Beer Float: Take a clear drinking glass and head to the soft serve (Vermonters call it a 'Creemee') machine. Fill the glass halfway with vanilla ice cream, then head to the soda machine and add root beer. It can be made in many variations, Coke floats seem pretty popular.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich: Take two cookies from the dessert station. This works really well with chocolate chip or the m&m cookies. Add chocolate or vanilla soft serve to one cookie, then place the second cookie on top. Ta-da!

Chicken Parm: They actually have Chicken Parm sometimes, but if you're in the mood for it and it's not being served that day, you can work around it. Grab a bowl of pasta from the pasta station and get marinara sauce on top. At dinners, they often have some type of chicken, either in the entree or the salad. You can ask the server to put some chicken on top of your pasta and they will. Add some Parmesan cheese from the pasta station, and you have Chicken Parm!

Turkey Club: On the weekends at brunch, the make-your-own sandwich station is set up at the end of the salad bar. Pick your bread, condiments and turkey there, but leave the sandwich open. You can head over to the breakfast bar, where there is usually bacon. For an extra touch, you can toast your bread in the toaster before you add the toppings!

Breakfast Wrap: There are always wraps available in the make-your-own sandwich station. At brunch on the weekends, they always have scrambled eggs. From there, you can add anything you would like to your wrap! They always have a breakfast meat, like sausage or bacon, and some potatoes. Salsa would be a good addition too!

Chicken Patty Salad: Chicken patties are pretty famous here at Saint Mike's. When they have them in the cafeteria, there is always a line for them. If you want to eat your chicken patty in a slightly healthier fashion, you can ask for the patty without a bun. Then you can head to the salad bar and get whatever toppings you want! I like mine with lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. Honey Mustard dressing goes really well with the salad, but if you're looking to be really healthy, the Low Calorie Italian is your best option.

Anyways, I hope my post was helpful in increasing your options when eating in Alliot :) If you have any "hacks" of your own, let me know!

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