Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome Home, Class of 2018

Welcome to your home for the next four years, Class of 2018.

Welcome to the place where you'll learn more about yourself than you'll ever know possible. Where you'll discover new interests, meet new people, and pursue things that you are passionate about. Where you have an entirely clean slate to make the next four years what you want from it.

Welcome to the place where you'll join a new family: your chosen family. You'll form tight bonds, with the people you cling to in so as to not have to go to dinner alone this first week, to the best friends you will still have many years from now. You will meet new people, who come from lives so very radically different from your own. You will learn so much about people from the friends you make, and you will be so much better for it.

Welcome to the place where you will find your passion. Where you will discover a love for medieval art, multi-variable calculus, mitosis, or peace and justice studies; a love you never knew existed. Where you will be encouraged to invest your time and self into the things that make you happy and enrich your life.

Welcome to the place where you will look back on so fondly. Where you'll look forward to the simple things during summer break. Where you'll cherish the person holding a door for you wherever you are on campus, the camaraderie of the extra difficult classes, the super long Alliot trips, the late nights at the grill, P-day.

Welcome to your new home, Class of 2018. Be good to yourself this weekend.