Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I Learned At Orientation

Well, it's over! Crazy to believe that Orientation is over already and that classes start in the morning! I'm actually really excited to go to my classes tomorrow. I cannot wait to get into my routine here at Saint Mike's, even though I had a blast at Orientation. I thought I would write down a few Dos and Don'ts I have learned over the last few days!

DO keep your door open! If you are just hanging out in your room, there's no reason to have your door shut! One of the best ways I have met people over the last few days has been wandering down my hallway and poking my head in open doors to say hi. Everyone is really friendly.

DON'T be afraid to ask questions. I feel like I've asked my RA a million questions in the last few days (Where is the nearest water bubbler? How do I get to the laundry room? What are the hours for the mail room?) but everyone has lots of questions. I was afraid I would look silly, but all the upperclassmen just want us to feel at home.

DO go to as many Orientation activities as possible! You can only do Orientation once. I went to most of the activities that had been planned for us and I met new people at every one of them. Although it's tempting to sit in your room on your laptop or spend all day texting friends at home, Orientation is a great time to live in the moment.  However, that leads me to my next point...

DON'T push yourself too far. Personally, I haven't been sleeping so well because I am still getting used to sleeping in a different place. Friday afternoon, I was exhausted and feeling kind of homesick, so I made the decision to skip a campus tour in order to get some sleep. I got to nap for about an hour and that made a huge difference. I had plenty of energy to do the rest of the activities I wanted. Know your limits!

DO finish your summer work before you get here! I know a few people who did not finish their summer work (reading the Common Text and completing an assignment for their First Year Seminar) and they had to miss out on some Orientation activities in order to get their work done. That stinks!

DON'T miss Connections! It was my absolute favorite Orientation event. It is such a raw and heartwarming tradition at Saint Mike's. I have learned that I am TRULY not alone here... there are lots of people on campus who care about me even if they don't know my name. Everyone here is so supportive and it is really awe inspiring.

Alright! That's just my two cents regarding the awesome Orientation weekend at Saint Mike's! Now it's time for bed... classes start tomorrow!

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