Thursday, August 2, 2012

Registering for Classes

It's hard to believe that I'm only three weeks away from Move-In Day! Part of me is feeling so anxious. I have made a huge dent in my shopping list and everything I've bought is already packed away in tote buckets in my basement. It's starting to sink in that I am actually going to college. I have received my first assignments, my book list, and of course, registered for my classes.

Registration Day took place on the Friday of my SOAR pre-orientation weekend. We gathered in Alliot, the Student Center, around 9 and got manila envelopes. They contained things like our schedule, a ticket to eat lunch in the dining room, and an index card that had our adviser's name on it. Before things really got started, I went upstairs and got my picture taken for my KnightCard. I will have this ID picture for all four years of college. I was a little intimidated that in four years I will still be looking at this reminder of who I am right now. Kind of crazy.

After everyone came together and was welcomed into the dining room, the students were sent to McCarthy, the arts building. There's a big auditorium there where all of the approximately 150 of us could fit. Once we were there, the required classes were explained better. We have to take classes in a wide variety of areas, like Religious Studies, Philosophy, a Lab science, Historical Studies, and more. They explained we would take four classes each semester, unless we signed up for half credit classes like Dance. After the informative session, the students were split up. Some remained in the auditorium to take a survey, but I got to go meet with my adviser.

To meet with our advisers, we went to the academic buildings. It was the first time I had been to school since officially deciding it was where I would go, so I got a chance to see where my actual classes would be. I can definitely picture myself going to class there. There were probably about eight of us assigned to the one professor, but we all got a chance to talk individually about what we were considering taking. I felt really well prepared, since the previous nigh I had gotten a chance to speak to current students about what classes I should take as part of SOAR.

I was also able to switch my major at the last minute, from Exploratory to Psychology. This was super convenient, because I was worried about not getting into General Psych (it was restricted to Majors only). In the end, I had my list of four top choice problems and about ten back up classes. They reserve the same amounts of seats for every registration day, but they can still be tough to get for some of the super popular classes, so it's essential to have back up classes.

We went down to the computer lab and set up. The time that registration officially opened was 12:00 noon, so we all made sure to load up which classes we want. I was really determined, so I pulled up the clock function and watched it tick away the seconds so I could press right as it turned to 12:00:00. There was a short processing time where all I could do was wait, but eventually it popped up with this:

First Semester Schedule!

I had gotten into all of my first choice classes!!!!! I was super excited. The people around me in the computer lab were pretty lucky as well, most of them got three or four of their top choice classes. I printed out my schedule so I could make sure I would remember later, and my first registration process was complete. It was stressful but I was well prepared. There's still the general add/drop for people who don't like their classes, but I feel like I'm satisfied with them. I can't wait to start school :)

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