Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Classes

My first day of classes went really well.

I woke up pretty early because of nerves, but it's the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! I think everyone was a little bit excited and nervous. Most of the girls on my floor had 8:00am or 8:30am classes, so I waited until they were gone to shower and get ready.

My 'First Day of Classes' outfit

Then, a few girls from my hall that had classes that started at 9:45am went to breakfast together. I love that whenever I am going to a meal, I can just go down the hall and see who is hungry and go to Alliot with them. We usually end up stretching the limit of how many chairs can be squeezed into one table, but it's always a good time. Alliot was pretty quiet around 9:00, it was the perfect time to go to breakfast.

After breakfast, we all went our separate ways. I went up to my room to grab my backpack and my schedule so I would know where to go to class. I headed over to St. Ed's, which was where my General Psychology class was. In Psychology, we went over the general syllabus, then introduced ourselves to the class. My professor took pictures of everyone in the class so that he could learn our names. One of the cool parts of class was when we got set up with the Clickers. Clickers look like tiny TV remotes, but when my professor asks a question to the class we all respond on it. The results show up over the projector. So today, he asked “Who is a Psychology Major or is seriously considering becoming one?” and the results displayed on the board, 48% were, 44% weren't, and 8% would decide after the course.

Then I went to the post office to pick up my mail! I had a card from my aunt and a pack of pictures from shutterfly waiting for me :) I LOVE getting mail, and I can't wait to put the pictures up in my room. They will definitely make it look more like home. After I went upstairs and put them away, I hung out with some girls on my floor and we all went to lunch together. We had to wait a bit to get in to Alliot because the line was kind of long since everyone is back now. The line moved pretty fast though, and we got our food really quickly. 

My binder for Christianity Past and Present

After lunch, it was time for my second class, Christianity Past and Present. Again, we just went over the syllabus and my professor talked about what he wanted us to get out of the class. After class was over, I went to Alliot. On Thursday when I got here, there was a sign in the dining room that they were looking for people to work nights and weekends. I filled out an application and got an email about it yesterday. So, I will be working in Alliot during Sunday brunches and Monday dinners! I am really psyched about this, as I did not receive work study. This will give me some pocket money, which is awesome.

I went back to Joyce and spent the afternoon hanging out with some of my floormates. I bought a whiteboard before I got here that is a weekly calendar, so I spent some time organizing what I am going to be up to this week. My schedule is filling up already!

Mid-week is looking busy!

 I also set up the wireless printing on my computer. The wireless printing is AWESOME! It means that from my room, I can finish typing a paper and send it to print. However, it just stays in the cloud until I am ready to pick it up. After I sent my paper to print, I walked over to Alliot to see if it worked. I swiped my card on the big printer, and a menu popped up that listed all of the documents. From there, I selected which one I wanted to print, and it came out! There are printers in Alliot, the library, and the academic buildings so it is super convenient.

Overall, it was a pretty great first day of classes. It is weird to be back in school mode, especially after having a good four months off from school, but I cannot wait to settle in to my routine here. I will update again soon!

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