Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to Stay Warm during Vermont Winters

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

This week was the coldest week I have experienced so far in Vermont. It was in the negatives for a couple days in a row, which combined with windchill meant it was REALLY COLD. I am from Massachusetts, which isn't too far and usually gets pretty cold, but I'm pretty sure this is the coldest week I have ever experienced. So I thought I would share a few tips to keeping warm during a Vermont style winter!

My weather screen on my phone the other day!

1. Layers! While it's chilly outside, the buildings have their heat turned way up to keep us warm. Use layers to keep yourself from getting really hot inside. My favorite way to layer is to put leggings under jeans, they keep you really warm without having to buy special long underwear. The leggings keep the cold from getting to your legs. Also, layers on top help you adjust to be comfortable inside; just take off your jacket and sweatshirt!

2. Cover your face! It's really important to keep your ears, mouth, and head covered when it's really cold. The best way I have found of doing this is a big, fuzzy scarf. I wrap it around my neck and then up to cover my mouth and ears. Also, a hat does a good job of keeping you warm too.

3. Make sure to blow dry your hair! I made the mistake of going out with wet hair on Thursday and my hair FROZE. It was the scariest moment ever, and luckily I knew not to touch it because then it could break. This could have been avoided if I had just blow dried my hair before I left my room.

And those are my tips! I hope everyone has stayed warm, wherever you are! The temps in Vermont look less intimidating this week, it's even supposed to get up in the 40s on Wednesday!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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