Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Halloween Post

Holidays are a big thing in my family, Halloween especially. So last week, I was wondering, is Halloween at school going to measure up to Halloween at home?

Oh, it did. I had the best weekend so far.

Because it falls on a Wednesday this year, Halloween became Halloweekend and the celebration lasted all weekend long! For me, it began on Friday afternoon with VITA Pumpkin Carving. It was an awesome way to begin the weekend because I got to hang out with some of my favorite people, eat donuts, drink cider, and decorate my pumpkin!

Colleen painting her pumpkin

I decided to go the route of painting mine since I don't love the gooky feeling of pumpkin guts. I went with my friend Colleen and we are both HUGE Doctor Who fans, so we both decided to decorate our pumpkins in the spirit of Who! She carved and painted her pumpkin and both of our pumpkins came out awesome!

Side 1 of Colleen's pumpkin

Side 2 of Colleen's pumpkin, the TARDIS!

My pumpkin!!! (It's a Dalek, a DW thing)

Later Friday night, it was time for the Rocky Horror Concert Show! The Drama Club was putting on a concert of all the songs from Rocky Horror, so Collen, JLo, and I decided to go. JLo and I had never seen it before, but we had a great time. The Concert Show was being held at Turtle Underground, a concert space in the basement of one of the Halls on North Campus. Friday night was my first time taking the shuttle up to North Campus and it was super easy. It didn't take long at all and we were super early. The shuttle was clean, the driver was friendly and even wearing a costume!

Rocky Horror cast doing a lighting check before the crowd arrives!

Quickly, Turtle Underground started filling up. They had a huge crowd come out to see it! It started a little late, but everyone had a great time singing and dancing to some music while we waited. Then the show started and it was awesome. I even got to dance the Time Warp with my fellow blogger Sarah who was in the show. It's just a really fun show that has you up on your feet dancing or participating for most of it. After we caught the shuttle back, we were pretty exhausted and decided to get some sleep.

Saturday, Colleen, JLo, and I woke up early because we wanted to go to Walmart. To get to Walmart, it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes via free, public transportation, so it's not really something to do every week. However, it's a really pleasant bus ride on Saturday because it wasn't very busy. Since I was with my friends, it went by pretty quick.

We were a little sleepy... JLo rested on the bus ride

Colleen and I on the bus!

  Walmart was a little crazy because it was the Saturday before Halloween and we were expecting a hurricane, but we got in and out pretty quickly! We stocked up on Halloween stuff, snacks and food, and they bought some clothes. Then we caught the bus back to campus.

Me, Colleen, and Ashley zombified/in costume for the Haunted House!
Colleen and I had to be back on campus by 4pm because we wanted to participate in the Haunted House that the Drama Club puts on every year! I was really impressed with how well done it was. They turned the basement of Alumni Hall (a building on the quad) into a 5 room haunted house! The theme of the Haunted House played off the construction that's happening on campus. Colleen and I ended up being zombie construction workers! The Haunted House was open from 7-9 and I think we gave a few people a good scare! Here's the video if you want to see how we did:

After the Haunted House was over, we helped break down the set and went on our way. Most people headed to the Halloween Dance, but I was tired and wanted to sleep! I had a great time this weekend. Saint Mike's has really become my home :)

I hope that everyone is having a great Halloween and has made it through Hurricane Sandy in one piece! Have a great week everyone!

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