Friday, November 9, 2012

Class Registration Day, Semester 2

It's that time of year!!!!!!
All my fellow bloggers put memes in their posts so I will too!

Class registrations!! This is how registration works:

1) You meet with your adviser a few weeks before Registration. I recently changed my major (from Psychology to Media Studies, Journalism, Digital Arts) and when you change your major, you usually get a new adviser. Professor Hyde is my new adviser, so we set up an appointment to meet and discuss what would be the best classes for me to take second semester. It's really easy to set up appointments with your adviser sicne they all put sign up sheets outside their office doors.

2) You get an email and a letter in the school mail telling you which group you are registering with. Each class is split in two and given a day. I was given the second day of First Years, the last day to go. I was freaking out yesterday because I was looking at KnightVision (where we register for classes) and saw all the classes I wanted were full so I wondered if they would open up more seats and they did. They reserved some seats in the classes just for the last registration day so it really doesn't matter when you register.

3) Pick your classes. This can be the hardest part. Right now, I am just trying to fulfill my LSCs, mostly, and take a few classes in my MJD major, so I had a lot of options. As of right now, here is my dream schedule:
8-935 Intro to Philosophy (PH 103 F)

945-1120 Aftermaths (EN 110 E)
1130-105 Acting Techniques (TH 207 A)
3-435 Digital Media: Art, Culture, Theory (MJD 110 A)

But we shall see what happens. This would be an ideal schedule because Philosophy, Aftermaths (an English class about the literary repurcussions of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Recession), and Acting Techniques all fulfill an LSC, I need Digital Media for my major, and I would get Fridays off (unnecessary but a nice bonus!). However, it's certainly necessary to have as many backup classes as you can pick because you never know what will happen.

4) Wake up early! Class registration opens at 7am, so your best shots for the classes you wants comes at 7:00:01. I set about 40 alarms and woke up at 6:15 so I could shower before registration, and now I'm writing this blog post while I wait.

5) Register! Select the courses you want, choose register, and wait until exactly 7 to submit. You'll be faced with a little spiny circle that says "LOADING" for awhile.... over two minutes for me (normal since everyone is trying to register at the same time which slows the program) and then it will let you know what you got into... for me: 

Why yes, that is in fact ALL of my top choices! I got four out of four! Wooo!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

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