Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Break!

First off, an apology for not posting for a bit. I decided I would not blog when I was home for Thanksgiving so I could spend all my time with my friends and family :)

Break started for me at 2:50pm on Tuesday, which was really convenient since there is a 4:00pm Megabus from Burlington to Boston! The bus was a little more expensive than usual ($34 instead of ~$20) but it is still a good deal AND I got a whole seat to myself. That never happens!!! So I got to stretch out and enjoy the wifi and the knowledge I had five days off ahead of me. The bus made really good time, going from Burlington to South Station, Boston, in 3 hours and 45 minutes... somehow we managed to avoid all the rush hour traffic. It was so good to finally be home :)

Instead of going through a play by play, let's take a picture tour of what I was up to over break:

I got to spend lots of quality tie with my little sister!

I went back to my high school for "Spirit Day"- this is the class of 2013

Spent time with my friend KJ!

Hung out with my cat!
Ate some DELICIOUS!!! turkey that my aunt Carol made!

Played dress up at Macy's with my sister

Went into Boston with my friend Emily and got interviewed by
The view on the ride back to school... isn't Vermont gorgeous?

Break was busy, but I got to spend it with the people that I love and I ate a lot of delicious homemade food! But I was glad to get back to campus on Sunday night. I really love the life that I have established here at St. Mike's.

Anyways, it's going to be a crazy busy few weeks- just 3 more weeks until break! Hope everyone has a great week!

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