Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Having a Radio Show!

Hello, everyone! Happy Wednesday.

I just want to apologize for not posting in awhile... it's been a crazy week! I've had lots of papers and projects to work on. This semester is definitely keeping me busy! But I just wanted to write a quick blog post about something cool that I have been doing: I have a radio show!

A few weeks ago, WWPV, the radio station on campus, sent out an email with an application to be a DJ. I was interested; it sounded fun to have my own show! So I filled it out with info about me and what kind of music I would play. It was accepted! My show is called Humble Winds with Emily in the Monday 12pm-2pm time slot!

So far, I've played two shows and it's been an awesome experience. It's so cool to have your friends on and off campus tuning in to listen to your show! During my first show, I put out the request line phone number, and got a call from an alum. He was a DJ for WWPV in the 1980s and was on campus visiting. He requested a Beatles song that he used to play on his show all the time. He was really friendly and told me I was doing a great job even though I was super nervous. This is just another example of how the SMC community, including alumni, are so incredibly friendly!

My first show!
Here's a panorama of the station set up (sorry it's so dark!- enlarge for a better view)

If you want to tune into my show, I would be delighted! If you're on campus, you can turn your TV to Channel 4, or your radio to 88.7. If you're off campus, we stream online! Just go to here and you can set it up. Curious about what type of music I play? You can check out the playlist here.

If you have any questions, about WWPV or about SMC in general, feel free to contact me, or ask anonymously on my formspring!

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week!

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