Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On Not Getting the Job (and Why It’s Okay)

So, I mentioned in my last post that I was applying to become an RA. After the week and a half application process, full of lots of stress (my end) and lots of interviews (Student Life Office’s end), they emailed out their decisions this morning.

I did not get the job.

This is the first real rejection I have experienced in college. I had a minor rejection in the fall when I applied for the Writing Center and was not accepted. I was a bit disappointed about that, but this is truly a hard rejection to swallow. I wanted this job so badly. I wrote my first “real world” cover letter, went to a workshop Career Services held on aceing your job interviews, and gave the interviews my all. In the end, I knew my competition was great. There were 31 girls applying for 12-14 positions.

From here, there is still a (small) chance I may get hired, if someone changes their mind about the position or decides to go abroad at the last minute. I can also reapply next fall for any positions that are open in the spring.

Although I don’t like living through it, rejection is good. It is something that will leave me stronger. I will certainly experience rejection in the real world. It’s important to deal with it as well as you can. I am a firm believer in the philosophy “everything happens for a reason” and can’t wait to see what the reason for this is. Maybe I will meet amazing friends wherever I end up living next fall. Perhaps I will get a leadership position in one of my clubs that does not allow me to give as much of my time to being an RA as I should.

For now, I am left wondering where I will live next year. As I wish to remain in G.R.E.A.T. Housing, my options are Alumni Hall on the quad, Hamel Hall on North Campus, or to try and “single in” to one of the suites. Each option has its pros and cons, so look forward to a post on that soon!

Hope you’re having a good Wednesday, everyone.

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