Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roommate Form

So as part of the New Student Guide that I received in the mail a few weeks ago, I had to fill out a form to match me up with a roommate.

I have actually written and requested a single room, but I still had to fill out the form as a single room is not guaranteed. I really like that Residence Life offers you the chance to have a single. Although I am a really social and outgoing person during the day, I really like having a space to myself at the end of the day to decompress and be alone. If I don't get one, I won't be heartbroken, it would be a good lesson on learning to coexist with someone else!

I also think that the questionnaire on the form is set up well. I had to answer questions like how I prefer to study (in silence!), how I prefer to sleep (also in silence!), what kind of music I listen to and how clean I keep my room. I have heard really good things about how roommates are matched up using this questionnaire, and trust that if I end up with a roommate I will get along with her :)

More housing options were GREAT Housing and Honors Housing. I have requested GREAT Housing, which means a living area that is alcohol and drug free. Although the campus is dry (besides the townhouses where everyone is 21+), students in GREAT Housing want to commit to an environment without any pressure. Honors Housing is for students who have been invited to the Honors Program, so that students can live together in a really supportive academically focused environment.

For now, there is nothing I can do but wait and see what dorm I am assigned to. I should find out by mid-July!

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