Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Housing Assignment!

So, after much waiting (okay, only about a month but because it's exciting it feels like longer!) I have finally received my First Year housing assignment! I will be living in a single room on the third floor of Joyce Hall!

Picture of Joyce Hall from www.smcvt.edu

I am so pleased with my housing assignment. I had a lot of anxiety about sharing a room with someone, but now that I know I have a single, I feel so much better about moving in and college in general. Residence Life has done a great job accommodating my requests, as they also placed me into GREAT housing. I feel like my placement was perfect.

I'll admit there is a downside to having a single, at least at this stage. On the Class of 2016 Facebook group,  people are trying to connect with their roommates to discuss room set ups and who's buying the microwave. I'm a little jealous that they have someone to be so excited about college over! But I have been able to connect to some of the girls who are on my floor, and some that are even in other singles! So far, everyone I have talked to has been super friendly. I can't wait until August when we all move in... it seems so far away, but it's really only six weeks away! I haven't bought anything yet!

On another note, I will be headed to the Saint Mike's campus next week! I will be going up for the SOAR pre-orientation program, and Registration Day. I will get to talk to an adviser and register for classes, meet some of my classmates, and stay on campus. I'm really excited about it! I'll be sure to update about how it goes.

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