Monday, September 15, 2014

Eating "Out" on Campus: Sloane

Hi everyone!

I can't believe I'm already a junior. I've been on campus for almost three weeks and have just about settled in to my new routine of classes and work. The first few weeks are always an adjustment period while you wait for activities to start up, but this semester seems to be shaping up to be a good one :)

Last week, my friends Colleen and Erica and I decided we wanted to take a break from eating dinner in Alliot. Luckily, there is another dinner dining option on campus! "Knights at the Round Table" AKA Sloane is located on North Campus. I'm living up North this year, so this is especially convenient for me :) The best part about Sloane is that it doesn't cost anything! It's included in our unlimited swipes to the dining hall.

Sloane is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. To go to Sloane, you have to make a reservation, which you can do by calling 802-654-2253 after 2pm. Last Thursday, I didn't have an afternoon class so I was able to call and make the reservation. I knew that my friends wanted to eat dinner early because we had activities going on later in the evening and I was able to grab a 5pm reservation.

At 5pm, I had the luxury of walking from my dorm (Purtill) to Sloane which is only a two minute endeavor, and met my friends who had taken the shuttle up from Main Campus. The shuttle brings people from campus to campus all day. It's less than a mile and a nice walk when it's nice out too! Sloane is a building that also houses some art classes, but in the back there's kitchen and a large dining room. You check in with Ann who swipes your card and then get to sit at your table. A waitress always brings by fresh rolls and butter... which I forgot to take a picture of because they were gone so quickly.

There's a menu at every table (and you can see the current menu here) which lists four options each for appetizers, entrees, and dessert. There's always a vegetarian option too. My friend Colleen does not eat meat and still finds plenty of stuff to eat at Sloane :) For my appetizer, I picked Pork Pot Stickers which were delicious.

A++ potstickers with Ponzu sauce 

Entrees were next. Colleen got a Caesar salad, Erica got the Chicken Parm (a Sloane specialty) and I got the Flank Steak. This was really good and I loved the Peach Habenero BBQ sauce they drizzled over my steak. The food at Sloane is most definitely restaurant quality. 
Flank steak with Edemame succotash and fries
For dessert, my friends and I all ordered the same thing: apple pie. There's nothing better than apple pie made with fresh Vermont apples... especially when it comes with vanilla ice cream! This was a great way to end our dinner. 
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream
Sloane is an awesome bonus dining area on campus. My friends and I definitely take advantage of it when we want to do something different or hang out away from Alliot and the hubub of Main Campus. We always leave super full of delicious food, and the best part is that it's free! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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