Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring Semester!

Spring semester is finally in full swing! I've been back on campus for almost two weeks and have been adjusting to classes, campus life, and the cold!

The view out my window: a winter wonderland

This semester is going to be really busy, but I'm excited for what it has in store. Here are a few examples of what I'm excited for...

1. Classes

My classes for the semester seem really interesting so far. Here's my schedule for the semester

Insects and Society: M/W 11-12:05, LAB M 1:30-3:30
Intro to Cultural Anthropology T/TH 8-9:35
Teaching Writing T/TH 9:45-11:20
Aztec Goddess/Christian Madonna T/TH 1:15-2:50

This semester is kind of all over the place-- I have a biology class, a religious studies class, an English class, and an anthropology class but it's really keeping things interesting.

The Insects and Society class is to fulfill the lab science component of the liberal arts curriculum here at St. Mike's. At first I was really nervous to take a science class because science is SO not my thing, but I'm finding it really enjoyable and actually kind of interesting. I'll definitely be posting more about taking a science class as a non-major.

Intro to Cultural Anthropology is certainly going to take me out of my comfort zone. The entire purpose of the class is to challenge the way we look at things and examine culture. My professor has done field work in Nepal and South Sudan, so it's really neat to hear her talk about her experiences. The class seems like it's going to involve a lot of interesting articles and documentaries and I'm excited for it!
Founder's hall in the snow! Love the icicles...
Teaching Writing is the class that you take before you work in the Writing Center on campus.  The Writing Center is located in the library and is open for any student to go receive help with their writing. We're learning a lot about learning styles and how to coach people into becoming successful writers. This class includes spending 2 hours outside of class in the Writing Center getting hands on experience.

Aztec Goddess/Christian Madonna is a religious studies class that I'm taking to fulfill the religious studies requirement. I grew up attending Catholic schools and this is, roughly, my 14th religion class. Yet, it's about mesoamerican goddesses which is something I have never learned about before. I like learning about different religions and am excited to see what I learn in this class!

2. Giving Tours!

I'm lucky enough this semester to have a weekly tour spot! I will be giving tours every Friday at 10:30am. I know that my tour at St. Mike's is what really sold the school for me, and I really enjoy giving tours to prospective students. It's a great chance to show people how awesome it is to go to school here and see if it's a good fit for them. I give my first official weekly tour tomorrow and I am pumped!
Sunset over a snowy campus

3. Vermont Weather

This is going to sound weird, but I am actually enjoying the very, very cold front we are experiencing this week. Now that I've been living in Vermont for a year and a half, I know how to deal with the cold. A big puffy jacket, a hat, scarf, and some mittens and I am good to go. It's cold, but the far edge of the St. Mike's campus is a 10 minute walk in any direction so there's no reason to be outside for too long.

There's a weird sort of kinship that comes from living through this level of cold. I also find myself lingering with friends longer, because I would rather hang out than go face the cold. It's great to be reunited with my friends here after a month apart.

Also, campus looks so pretty covered in snow!

Anyways, this was just a quick update to let you know what I'm excited for over the next few months. I'll be sure to update again soon! If you have any questions about SMC, please contact me!

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