Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prom 2012

Wow, it seems like time is flying right now... It's hard to believe that I am TWO DAYS! from graduating from high school.

My Mother and Me before Prom
 Last Friday night was our Junior-Senior prom. It was held at Lombardo's, which is a function hall about 10 minutes from my school. It's a great place to have the prom! It has a beautiful circular staircase with a chandelier in the middle, which is a great backdrop for pictures, and the food is pretty decent. We voted on a color scheme instead of a theme, and chose black, white, and silver. The ballroom was decorated with lots of contrasting lights. The teachers who planned it did a great job!

Cindy, Erin, and I- Friends for Four Years!
I go to an all girls school, so of course we really enjoyed dressing up. When you wear the same thing around each other every day for four years, it is so nice to see everyone with their hair and make up done in beautiful gowns. I kept it pretty simple this year... I did my nails, hair, and makeup myself! My dress only cost $100 on the Sale rack at David's Bridal, and tickets for me and my date were only $100. I think I ended up spending about $220 on Prom- not bad! It really goes to show that Prom is what you make of it, it doesn't require $500 dresses and limos!
Charlie and I

I was lucky enough to take one of my really good friends to Prom. My friend Charlie drove over 400 miles on Thursday so that he could accompany me to Prom. He had never been to a Prom and thought it was a pretty interesting experience! Neither of us are the huge party types, but we had a blast dancing to the music (he knew more words than I did!) I am really lucky to have such a great friend :)
Charlie and I in front of the Chandelier
Overall, Prom was a great experience. I had a great time, got to spend a precious night with my friends before we graduate, and made some awesome memories. It's really crazy to think that as of now, I have only 48 hours until Graduation. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye!

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